52 Weeks of Yoga

with Wendy Campbell

One teacher. One comprehensive program. A lifetime of yoga.

  • Practice in the Comfort and Privacy of Your Home

  • Discover Your Pace and Listen to Your Inner Rhythm

  • Bring Health, Mindfulness and Ease to all Parts of Your Life

  • Develop Your Home Practice (the Self-Guidance of Getting on Your Mat and Knowing What You Need)

  • Invest in this Required Module for Yoga Teacher Training with Wendy Campbell

Our greatest teacher is life. This program is designed for you to apply, through a practical method, the lessons and tools of yoga into your life.

Wendy Campbell invites you to step into your journey of essential human experiences and connections, through the quality of your breath and your attention. This program will meet you exactly where you are, no excuses. 

She will stoke your physical, mental, and spiritual cores: the quest is to enrich all aspects of our human condition, in union.

If you are new to practice, 52 Weeks of Yoga with Wendy Campbell will give you the confidence to tune out the noise and step into any yoga class and know how to take care of yourself. 

An advanced practice is not necessarily more physically demanding. Evolving our practice requires weaving deep internal listening into our actions. 52 Weeks of Yoga with Wendy Campbell will support your quest for wholeness.

WCY52 PROGRAM - 22 Hours 45 Minutes of Yoga Education

wcy52.com Streaming Channel

This on-demand streaming channel is your option to view any part of 52 Weeks of Yoga with Wendy Campbell, bonus footage and future content online. Have a look at the channel and some free content here!

WCY52 Blu-ray Edition Box Set: 4 Discs and Guidebook

52 Weeks of Yoga with Wendy Campbell is yours for life. This is your choice to be “off the grid” in the comfort of your home or your favorite place. No internet connection is necessary, no wi-fi, no data usage, no apps, nothing to download and update … just make sure you have a Blu-ray player. (Blu-ray players also play DVDs and CDs; recommended player to connect to a TV here; to connect to a laptop here. If you live outside of the USA check multi-region players here.)


WCY52 PROGRAM - Includes WCY52 Blu-ray Edition Box Set and First Year Subscription to wcy52.com Streaming Channel: $285.00

wcy52.com Streaming Channel Successive Subscriptions: $20.00/month or $185.00/year.

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When you begin your journey, you can join the WCY52 private Facebook group for weekly inspiration from Wendy and other group members. This is a way a way to stay connected by asking questions, discussions and for sharing related ideas.