Your lesson on stress was so relevant. It’s a major contributor to health issues and difficult to ignore. I am sure with your wealth of knowledge and tools that it can be daunting even for you to escape. In the few months I have been attending your class, I have practiced your suggestion of creating an interruption when my mind is spinning with negativity. This is my new “go to” habit. I call it Wendy Campbell soup. As a young boy I have strong memories of coming home after baseball practice, sitting at the kitchen table with my mom eating lunch; grilled cheese and Campbell’s tomato soup. There is nothing more stress free than a simple meal with my family, my only worry was getting back to getting back to the field on time. As I’ve gotten older, it is harder turning off the noise in my head and eliminating mental clutter. When I attend your classes weekly, I can do that plus enjoy the best sleep of the week.
— Don Romac
Wendy Campbell’s yoga is an experience that brings you to the realization of how your life can be complete. Her gentleness with strong/firm yoga knowledge is amazing. Each class goes on to be better than the last. Her in depth knowledge of the human body comes to light, especially when she incorporates how yoga can strengthen the organs and immune system. Her classes are the highlight of my Tues. & Thurs. Treat yourself to the feeling being complete on your daily journey.
— Nora B.
My yoga sessions with Wendy have been hugely beneficial to my tennis game. Not only do they improve my movement and flexibility, but her focused meditation helps elevate my confidence and put me in a mental place where I’m prepared to face whatever obstacles come at me on the court. I’m able to let go of bad shots and line calls without getting rattled or dwelling on them, which can so quickly derail my momentum during a match. I’m also able to handle nervousness and harness my concentration while under pressure during difficult or crucial points. Thanks to Wendy, my inner game is becoming as strong as my outer game. My win percentages have gone up and I’m enjoying tennis more than ever!
— Jenn B.
I am so thankful that the universe lead me to Wendy and this teacher training! For me, this was a personally transformative experience. I have grown stronger in body, mind and spirit. Wendy challenges her students as she encourages each to find his or her own unique path. It’s as if she were a master gardener cultivating her seedlings by providing them with all sustenance that they need to bloom. Wendy is a dedicated teacher who is always available, always supportive and approaches all with Love. Thank you, Wendy for this beautiful experience.
— Cayrn
Deciding to do my Yoga Teacher Training with Wendy was the best decision I ever made. I learned so much about myself: physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually. Working with Wendy was an unbelievable experience. She is a knowledgable, kind and supportive teacher.
— Dawn Peddie
Thank you Wendy for getting me hooked on yoga. I have taken a few other classes before finding yours, you helped to find my place and for the first time felt that yoga was right for me.Intellectually I knew my body would benefit from stretching, you made me feel comfortable as a novice. I love the way you encourage and challenge us and I finally understand what it means to “find your edge” The feeling generated by my yoga practice stays with me for hours and helps me with my running.
— C.C
In July, 2016 I could feel and see my body function dwindling and though yoga might just be my ticket. I am a disabled senior citizen and have never practiced yoga before. A friend gave me Wendy’s contact info. I made an appointment for the first week in August, but fate intervened. As I was being rolled into an operating room to have a pacemaker put in. I knew I would try again when I was recovered.

On December 3rd of 2016 I had my first private session with Wendy. I had difficulty get up and down from the floor. Not a great feeling for a former Marine. Wendy took up my mantle and has taken me on a journey that continues to evolve.

Working with my disabilities, Wendy has helped me to optimize my breath and movement in the most positive direction. I have learned that focus is ever-evolving and practice is never-ending. She continues to tweak my poses as I get stronger.

With the full support of my children, grandchildren, Wendy’s knowledge, patience and kindness has opened new vistas for my exploration.”
— Ron Howell
For some, yoga is exercise pure and simple. For others, it is an opportunity to cleanse the body, reset the mind and engage the spirit. Either way, a true yoga experience should impart a feeling of having connection to the moment and gratitude for the experience. Wendy Campbell has the desire and the sensitivity to navigate her students through a practice that touches the soul.
— Jeannine
I have been studying with Wendy for close to three years in a private class setting. Being a martial artist for over a decade I have seen many good practitioners who are not necessarily good teachers. Wendy is both. She has a deep love and understanding for her yoga practice and is able to transmit that tradition to her students. Through traditional yoga, as well as newer forms such as Budokon, Wendy has helped me in my own personal journey to a better understanding of my own mind, body and spirit.
— Justin L.
I have been a student of Wendy for 6 months. I have experienced great changes with my back, neck and my sleeping has improved tremendously... I never thought I would like the “slowness” of yoga since I do workouts with a trainer and love to lift weights. I may never be able to do “tree pose” but I have learned to not beat up on myself about it. My balance is so much better and as an older woman I am trying not to fall and break any bones. Wendy has so much patience and is so helpful to all of us. Only regret is that I didn’t do this years ago.
— Marie
I have done yoga in over 30 countries during the last 10 years. When I come to Naples, one of the highlights of my stay is that I get to practice with Wendy. She is dedicated, inspiring and takes deep care in every yoga practice. She is the best of the best.
— Charles
Wendy’s skill, sensitivity and humility set her apart from the myriad of yoga teachers in practice. Her quiet strength has helped me regain my flexibility. I am always grateful for time with Wendy—it is truly transformational.
— Meredith
In the summer of 2013, I began to experience constant pain—burning, stabbing—on the outside of my right calf. I couldn’t walk more than 20 feet without having to stop and bend over to get a little relief. Standing in line for more than a minute was torture. I tried massages, electro-muscular stimulation, etc., and mild pain killers, all of which did nothing. Finally I had an MRI, which revealed nerve pain due to compressed spinal disks. So then I went to a pain doctor and received a series of spinal injections. All they did was mask the pain for a few weeks until it came roaring back. The doctor suggested surgery. At that point I decided to try yoga. I went to a couple of classes taught by Wendy Campbell. After one class I described my pain to her and asked if she could help me. She said she thought she could. I had two private sessions with her, during which she had me do a variety of poses and stretches. She developed a plan for me to do on my own every day. This was in November of 2013. I didn’t feel much change at first, but after maybe three weeks, I began to notice that when I walked my dog my leg felt different. The pain had diminished. Then there was the day when I walked the dog and the pain was 90% gone. The next day I decided to run for the first time in six months. I went two miles and was virtually pain free. I remember sending an email to Wendy with the subject line, “It’s a miracle!”. I am happy to report that my leg is pretty much normal now, to the point where I don’t think about what was a painful situation. I am forever grateful to Wendy for helping me get past it. What’s more, I believe I have grown as a person thanks to Wendy’s guidance and inspiration. She is a dedicated, caring teacher and a true healer, and her love for her students and the practice shines through every time we take the mat.
— Marc Simon
I have practiced yoga with Wendy for the past 5 years and I find her yoga spirit warm, inviting, and calming. She encourages each of us to explore our bodies and examine our minds in our yoga practice. I am thankful she came into my life.
— Kathy H.
One of the best things that happened to me after my struggle with chemo was meeting Wendy. My oncologist recommended that I start doing Yoga, and so I did. I had numb toes. The toes are so much better. My body feels so much better and so does my mind. Even when I am not able to come to class, I still do a few yoga movements to relax, sleep and loosen up. The best of all is that you have a very calming quality and make me feel very secure in my quest to get my body moving. Much love.
— Georgia
I had done some yoga before my retirement two years ago, but since then have been practicing on a regular basis with Wendy Campbell. Her classes are challenging and fun. She smoothly transitions from pose to pose, working on balance, flexibility and strength. As a relatively young retiree, I plan on many years of golf, kayaking, biking, hiking and playing with grandchildren. Wendy’s yoga classes are essential to allow me such an active lifestyle.
— Connie
My 3 year yoga experience with Wendy has been great. She accepted me as a beginner, taught me many yoga poses, how to transition from one pose to the other, and proper alignment/ form. As an older gentleman, I learned it’s OK to do what I can, because it’s my practice. The magic Wendy has shared has given me confidence, and has made Yoga part of my life.
— Bob Chapman
A few years ago I began having minor injuries due to running and was struggling to continue doing what I enjoy. Then I found Wendy. With her knowledge and understanding of the body, she has shown me how to stay injury free through yoga. Thanks to Wendy, I have even increased my races to include marathons and ultras. Now I have two passions, running and yoga.
— Kim O.
We love the convenience of our at home privates with Wendy. They have helped us to stay consistent and dedicated. After a year of sessions, we find our classes to be just as diverse and challenging as they were the first day. We would highly recommend Wendy to anyone that wants to experience Yoga at any level.
— Patty and Jay

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