52 Weeks of Yoga with Wendy Campbell (WCY52) is a PROGRAM. It is designed,  produced, and recorded as a motion picture (registered with the Copyright Office of Library of Congress). It is meant for life and, like  any motion picture, it will not modify. Following up the questions in your recent emails in regards to viewing WCY52, here are the answers to some FAQ.

Q. What is a Blu-ray player?
A. It is a device that can read and play CDs, DVDs, and Blu-ray 
discs. Blu-ray players can connect to TVs, laptops, desktops, usually via HDMI or 
USB cables (some Blu-ray players offer also internet connection to major streaming platforms). You can also purchase a portable Blu-ray player; they connect to computers via USB ports. When connected to laptops, portable Blu-ray players offer an “off the grid” solution, since they are powered by the battery of the laptop. Usually, once connected to a laptop, portable Blu-ray players need software to read the inserted disc and play it. Macgo offers software (still called Blu-ray player.. ) we successfully tried on Mac computers. Here is the link to their website.

Q. Where can I buy a Blu-ray player?
Online stores (like Amazon) and consumer electronic retailers (like Best Buy, B&H, Walmart,
etc) offer plenty of choices.

Q. Why did you release Blu-ray Discs and not DVDs (since many still own 
DVDs players but do not own Blu-ray players)?

A. It's because of the length of WCY52: 22 hours and 45 minutes. 
Blu-ray discs have 5 times more capacity than DVDs. A DVD 
edition would have required 24 discs, thus making the project 
cumbersome and too expensive.

Q. What are the differences between the Blu-ray edition and the 
STREAMING channel?

A. WCY52 Blu-ray Edition is a physical PRODUCT. WCY52 Streaming Channel is a 
SERVICE. They are two different ways to deliver digital content. The 
PRODUCT will require for you to use a Blu-ray player and connect it to a 
TV/laptop/monitor, without the need of internet connection (so you can switch your phones/tablets/laptops off during your practice :-)). Once you buy it, you have it for life. The streaming SERVICE will allow you to view the content on your 
devices, through a connection to the internet. New content will be added 
and the channel will grow year by year. That said, we cannot guarantee 
the life span of the channel.

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