NEWS New Class! Yoga Cross-Training Oct. 9th

Agility, focus, flexibility, blood flow, strength, flexibility, recovery, balance, calm mind, injury prevention, stamina, breath regulation… these are just some of the benefits of incorporating yoga in to your life. Whether you are looking to maximize your athletic performance or or looking to counter the effects of the daily rigors of living, this class is for you!

Each week you will be guided through straight forward and practical yoga tools to that will be a perfect balance to all of your activities. Each class will have a specific focus, so that your practice can easily be incorporated into your life. This will be a small (up to six) so this a great opportunity to to make requests and work specifically with your needs. Email me here weekly to sign up and/ or with questions and requests.

My yoga sessions with Wendy have been hugely beneficial to my tennis game. Not only do they improve my movement and flexibility, but her focused meditation helps elevate my confidence and put me in a mental place where I’m prepared to face whatever obstacles come at me on the court. I’m able to let go of bad shots and line calls without getting rattled or dwelling on them, which can so quickly derail my momentum during a match. I’m also able to handle nervousness and harness my concentration while under pressure during difficult or crucial points. Thanks to Wendy, my inner game is becoming as strong as my outer game. My win percentages have gone up and I’m enjoying tennis more than ever! J.B. Sept. 2018.

Beginning October 9th Yoga for Cross-Training!

Location: Naples Park (Home Studio)
Time: 9:30am Cost: $12 or purchase 6 sessions for $65

Contact me with any questions.