NEWS The Yoga Path To Enhance Wellness And Vitality At Any Age

I was invited to present at the Beth Tikvah health and wellness lecture series on December 20, 2018 . It was an honor to be asked to present on such an important and relevant subject. In the Beth Tikvah’s mission it says committed to being a welcoming & inclusive community:  a community both vibrant and caring.” that was my experience. If you missed it, here is a quick look.

The aging process is challenging, we are all aging and yoga can help. My experience working with the aging population makes me a better yoga teacher. You cannot apply the same ideals to different bodies, you have to be curious about where you are at and find a way into the practice that is beneficial and healing. Just as much as yoga can increase out health span it can also hurt us, by placing someone else ideals onto ourselves. There is a practice for Each one of us. Try this short practice.

3 Concepts of Healthy Aging

  • Health Span Period of time spent in good health through life.

  • Independence Engaging in activities we love.

  • Equanimity Facing challenges with balance and grace.


Yoga helps us to strengthen the essential skills for maintaining independence: Strength by contracting our muscles and resisting gravity. Flexibility by keeping our joints hydrated and oxygenated. Balance by sharpening our senses, reflexes and blood flow. Agility by sharpening our nervous and and body communication . Brain Health bystrengthening the body/mind connection and Emotional Stability by mindfully managimng stress.

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