No matter how much we prepare, analyze and stress nature will just do what it does. Sometimes it is devastatingly beautiful and sometimes just devastating. I returned home to Naples yesterday, I needed to get back despite the lack of electricity and the uncertainty of what I would be coming home to. This is an opportunity to step back, and remember what matters in life.  When we have each other it softens the blow of all of the challenging circumstances life brings. Whether I always knew it or not, yoga is a tool in my life that helps me to navigate challenging circumstances by deepening the relationship to who I am at my core, becoming a more authentic/expansive version on myself regardless of the circumstances.  Challenging times inspire transformation, yoga supports that process. 


 Beginning sunrise Sunday Sept. 16, near The  Vanderbilt Beach entrance at 7:00AM. Beach towel and water recommended.

Come as you are. Make a commitment to yourself and show up, use it as an opportunity to connect to your practice, step out of your comfort zone and support our community during this time. I will be there each morning until further notice. Hope to see you! I will offer this for FREE, donations accepted.