NEWS Survive & Thrive's First Official Event!

Indira Maharaj, IberiaBank VP Branch Manager, hosted a Beer & BBQ Open House for clients on Thursday, October 27. It was Survive & Thrive’s first event as an official public charity.  

It was an ideal opportunity for Tracey, Marc, and I to get our feet wet and to share the mission of S&T. Within moments we met lovely people eager to help. The first person we met, Laura asked “How do I donate?”. It was truly gratifying.

We also met Rosalia Podolak, who founded a nonprofit that went national. Now she is steeped in the Naples community. She offers generosity through her luxury real estate firm. She encouraged us to stay in touch. 

As we spent time with a number of people, our conversations confirmed what all of us believe: That almost everyone has been affected by cancer, whether personally or through a loved one.  And virtually everyone we talked to gave us positive feedback regarding S&T’s mission.

I am so looking forward to doing this work, to be able to offer wellbeing services that otherwise may not be available. Now that the initial paperwork is complete, it is time to start raising money to fund the tools and services needed to implement this vision.  

—Wendy Campbell

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Your donation helps to enhance the well being of cancer survivors. Even a small monthly donation allows us to plan our expenses effectively. You choose the amount. You’re in complete control of what you give and how.

Survive & Thrive is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization, and donations are tax deductible.