BLOG 7 Benefits of Yoga for Cancer Survivors

Informative, inspirational, and practical information for anyone who is or has gone through cancer or has a loved one that has.

Survive & Thrive evolved from my own cancer diagnosis in 2006. I am passionate to share the healing path of meditation and yoga with cancer survivors by providing a safe, accessible experience to survivors of any type of cancer, at any stage of recovery. Yoga has been an extremely steady force and pathway for my healing. My practice guides me physically, mentally and emotionally to open to grace.

7 Benefits of Yoga for Cancer Survivors

1. Decreased stress and pain, and increased well-being
2. Improved quality and quantity of sleep
3. Restored strength and range of motion, improved lymphatic flow
4. Enhanced energy, digestion, joint health, circulation, respiration, and endocrine function
5. Camaraderie with other inspiring yogi-survivors
6. Soothe anxiety, increased sense of physical and emotional stability
7. Be more comfortable in your body, mind, and spirit when you have been diagnosed with cancer

Emotional pain and traumatic memories can be “stored” in the body long after exposure to a traumatic situation has ended. Storing traumatic memories, and the associated emotional tone, is evolutionary adaptive. We need to remember dangerous or situations so that we can try to avoid these situations in the future. But holding these memories in our bodies, in a physical and emotional sense, can create a great deal of discomfort and distress. If you are breathing you are surviving. Lets make sure we are ALL thriving!

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