My Mission

I am devoted to sharing my knowledge, and passion through the lens of yoga, to help guide all practitioners into greater alignment. Yoga is a tool to navigate life, to live better and live a happier, healthier and balanced. By practicing Yoga, we pursue a quiet and steady inner revolution, based on self care and inner healing.

My Approach

We are here to evolve and life is our teacher. By focusing, slowing, and centering the breath, we cultivate a more patient mode of engagement. All levels of experience practitioners gain the confidence to see their capabilities. With subtle shifts of awareness our environment changes and we no longer try to transcend difficulties, but rather learn how to ease them, and enjoy the fact that we are here. Obstacles give us the opportunity to advance our yoga practice. Each day we try to do better is to than the day before and if not, be compassionate to yourself and try again. I guide practitioners find a safe and effective practice with achievable goals in sight. I strongly believe that there is a yoga practice for everybody and most important you need is your breath. When we practice yoga, we practice life. Through my experience as a yoga instructor, I have an understanding what is relevant for each student in each practice in order to encouraging their practice to evolve and grow. I strive to translate the teachings that yoga reveals and share with my students in a relevant way. . I believe that the yoga happens when we shed the preconceived ideas of what it is and step into each moment with openness. A yoga practice can help connect us to what is is we are meant to do, are dharma. How we be an asset to the collective soul?

Based on my experience of practicing and learning about I teach and practice Hatha yoga : meaning I practice breath and focus as I move through varying degrees of physical movement. It is simple right? Not quite, the grit and the gold come from learning how to tame the fluctuations of the mind. Yoga helps me to find clarity on my journey to wholeness . Living in truth, integrity, clarity helps me to help others. real. impatient - integrity. - sweet, direct , gentle and comprehensive. real life/real struggles. onward. open minded, high standards, always a student, empathetic, connected to my emotions and others, practical, responsible, hard worker, honest, caring and devoted. I am humble practitioner of all styles of Hatha yoga and love to explore their differences and philosophies. I believe yoga is about connection. My classes are a mix of relatable yoga philosophy, theme based combinations of movement, hands on guidance, alignment instruction, breath work, and guided mediation. I enjoy breaking down more challenging poses in creative ways to help students find their footing. I strive to facilitate an experience where students are empowered and invested in their unique anatomy and mentality. I believe in using yoga as a tool to access the deeper layers of the mind and body. I’m passionate about making yoga approachable, accessible, and sustainable for everyone. In every lesson students move with awareness and connect to their breathing. All are encouraged to look inwardly and outwardly with a clear and present mind and to take their practice thoughtfully into their lives.

Yoga has taught me to be disciplined and consistent. It’s also taught me to be responsive to the current situation. So, practice. Always practice, and know that if your practicing waxes and wanes, everyone that practices yoga experiences the same. There is a practice that is right for you!

This is What I Offer

Group Classes - Check out my weekly schedule here.

Private Lessons - Your practice is unique! Private lessons are an excellent way to explore what you need, read more here.

Teacher Training - I founded Center Point Yoga School in 2016 to provide a unique and personalized 200- hour teacher training program where I work closely with the student or small group. By doing this this the experience can customized along the way so that their goals of the training can be better realized, paving the way to achievable goals once trying is completed. Also allows for flexibility and convenience of scheduling. Learn more about Center Point Yoga School here.

Survive &Thrive I founded Survive & Thrive in 2017 a nonprofit foundation helping cancer survivors and their families experience healing through yoga mindfulness practices. Our mission is based on my person experience with cancer and the missing “peace” in healthcare that so many face. As Executive Director,This coming year we intend to launch the Survive & Thrive. Outreach Program.This will include a video library so we can extend our reach on a digital platform. Visit the Survive & Thrive website at

Practice digitally- In 2018, I created and filmed 52 Weeks of Yoga with Wendy Campbell . This is one comprehensive 23 hour video program where you can build a practice from scratch or refine your existing one. The format allows you to step yourself in the teaching of yoga on and off the mat and build a solid foundation for a home practice. It is a tool as a solid foundation that you can use to expand your physicality, spiritually and emotional intelligence in all part of life. Order it here!

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