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Empowering cancer survivors through accessible yoga and mindfulness practices.


My vision comes from my journey living with and healing from cancer.  Yoga was my saving grace. Survive & Thrive is committed to sharing practices that reduce suffering and cultivate freedom, choice, and balance. When we make the choice to align to our highest self in every moment, we can regain dignity, strength, and joy. Make every breath count.

About Us

At present, Survive & Thrive is the only organization in Collier County that offers yoga instruction and mindfulness techniques based on cancer sensitivity programming. Our certified yoga instructors are also trained by Yoga4Cancer to provide the safest and most effective methodology for student experience. Our individualized curriculum is designed to address the specific needs of our clients. Our services include; yoga workshops, individualized private yoga instruction, retreats and cancer specific video library.

Our Team

Meet the people who share the vision and have come together to bring Survive & Thrive into action.


Wendy Campbell, President & Founder
Contact: Wendy@survivethriveyoga.org

Wendy has been practicing yoga for 16 years and is a certified yoga teacher. and Yoga4Cancer trained. Her yoga journey began in 2001 as a casual restorative practice. In 2006, she was diagnosed with Hodgkins Lymphoma. Her yoga practice evolved into her mental and emotional life line as she recovered. Learn more about her yoga journey here and her experience with cancer here.

Melissa Roth, Vice-President & Treasurer
Contact: Melissa@survivethriveyoga.org

Melissa spent 20 years in the trenches of the film and television industry in Hollywood as a camera assistant, battling grueling hours and physical challenges every day.  She retired from the industry to start her own pet care business, specifically dogs.  Now she gets to set her own hours and merely battles wrestling balls from dogs big or small, and insisting on manners at mealtimes.  Melissa's dedication to the dogs she cares for in their homes and her own is matched by her dedication to community and service.  She is a longtime volunteer for several non-profit and civic groups, and is an elected Union representative. She has known Tracey Englund since they were children and Tracey's battle with cancer brought Melissa into the orbit of Survive & Thrive with the desire to help Tracey and others find their way to healing and transformation with the power of yoga.


Tracey Englund, Secretary
Contact: Tracey@survivethriveyoga.org

As an RN for 23 years, I would often facilitate groups that included yoga. Just those few minutes of yoga provided some of the most powerful therapeutic experiences for patients as well as myself. Yoga connected each of us to ourselves and to the community we created. As as healthcare professional, I am inspired to participate in the development of holistic wellness programs. As a Center Point Yoga teacher graduate and Yoga4Cancer cerified. I am honored to share the gift of yoga. And as a cancer survivor who knows the transformational power of yoga, I am passionate about the mission of Survive & Thrive! 

Read About Tracey's Journey on PSYCHOLOGY TODAY


James C. Salwitz, MD Board Member
Contact: JIMSAL@msn.com

Dr. James Salwitz is a medical oncologist and a clinical professor with a career-long interest in  the relationship of patients and doctors to the medical system. He has previously served as the County President of the American Cancer Society and presently serves as President of the Medical staff at RWJUH.  Dr. Salwitz frequently provides community lectures related to coping with cancer, palliative and hospice care. As a strong advocate for patient empowerment, Dr Salwitz offers an informative and compassionate perspective on his blog SUNRISE ROUNDS.


Marc Simon Board Member
Contact: Marc@survivethriveyoga.org 

Marc Simon has been an advertising copywriter and comedy writer/performer on a public access radio station in his native Pittsburgh. His short fiction has appeared in several literary magazines, his one-act plays have been three-time winners in the Naples Sugden Theater New Plays Contest, and his debut novel, The Leap Year Boy was published in December 2012. In addition, Marc teaches a memoir writing workshop at the Naples Senior Center.

"For years ago, I was experiencing severe back and leg pain. After trying all the traditional remedies, including spinal injections, I was told my next option was surgery. I decided to try yoga instead. Following a therapeutic routine prescribed by Survive & Thrive founder Wendy Campbell, my pain gradullay began to lessen. After six weeks I was virtually pain free. As one that has experienced the healing power of yoga, I'm committed to the success of Survive & Thrive.



As a 501 (c)3 nonprofit organization our programs are funded by grants and your donations. Our programs help to enhance the well-being of cancer survivors and their families. Join us in our efforts to enhancing the survivorship community!

All donations are tax deductible. Use the Survive & Thrive PayPal Giving Fund page and 100% will be received on the 25th of each month. Other PayPal donations will be charged 2.2%


Dedicate your donation as a memorial or tribute gift. It's a wonderful way to celebrate a loved one's life while helping others. A card will be sent to the person(s) you designate. You will be acknowledged in our newsletter. Please provide the address of recipient under special instructions to seller in PayPal or email us